Overtime, Ot, Otee Johnson… It’s up to you.

So first of all to my mama, I am alive! I am flying out at seven in the morning 🙂 A blog will b put up to let yu kow that we got there safely, and later I can send you an e-mail… 

Now that that is stated. I want to let you guys know what the Lord has been doing in my life in my time so far at AIM.
So when we got here (ATL) the rain is magnetically attracted to my luggage?? it seems every time I get my luggage under the sky it rains… But I aint going to talk about rain. I am going to talk about an opportunity I had to talk with a homeless man named Otee, or overtime, or Ot Johnson. Otee has been on the streets of Atlanta for 30+ years now and has an awesome and encouraging attitude about it! He has used his testimony of what the Lord has kept him from physically and also what the Lord has taught him through the streets. Otee has an awesome spirit about him, he LOVES to sing, and LOVES to talk! He said that he would not have his life any other way. Otee has been in the ATL newspaper numerous times for his witness and his pure awesomeness! The Lord spoke to me that night on the streets of ATL, sometimes you will get shut down by the people you are trying to witness too, and sometimes they will be completely awesome like Otee. But who said that this is going to be easy?? life is not easy, but the difference in me (a Christ follower) and a non believer is I have my awesome God, and an awesome savior to come along side me!! Thank you Abba that you are a personal God! Peace out for now! 
Keep my in your prayers as we fly out tomorrow. 

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