Lesson #1: eat to live, not live to eat

Food. Oh how I’m realizing how much I idolize food and let it be a distraction in my life. While spending the last few days in Atlanta and Gainsville, we haven’t been spoiled with a ton to eat. Our portions are limited and consist of food from around the world. This is a good thing since we will be eating like this for the next 2 months, but it has been a challenge to make the adjustment. Because of this, God has really been opening my eyes and showing me how I put that before most things, specifically him. Usually at home, I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat next and end up eating all day long, but that’s not satisfying. We are so spoiled with having food around the house 24/7! It has been a humbling experience though, and I know it’s only going to continue once we are actually in Nica. These last few days have been spent worshiping God, which have been the best times of worship I’ve ever had. The distractions that normally get in my way aren’t here, and it’s wonderful! God is truly the center of all things here..so refreshing! Bottom line..I’m learning to eat to live, not live to eat because it can’t take priority over the God of the universe.
Also, one of the girls on my team is still in need of support. They have allowed her to go on the trip despite the full funds raised because they know this is where God has called her. He will provide, but that means using us to do so. If any of you would like to support her and technically the rest of our team, you can send it to the following address:
Adventures in Missions
P.O. Box 534470
Atlanta, GA 30353-4470
*make sure to write Katie Booker on your check so they know the money goes to her account. Thanks everybody!

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