Bout Dat Life

As a believers in Christ we sing these songs of set a fire down in my soul,no place I would rather be,fill me up,and I could literally go on all day. Its sad and disappointing that if God truly fulfilled all these “request” (which he can) we wouldn’t know where to start. Do we really want God to break every chain? Do we really want the living God to set a fire down in our soul? Can I really be in so in love with Jesus?



The bible is full of broken people who God used as a vessel to bring him glory. So today I want to encourage you that no matter what you have been through God is able. God can really set you free from everything that keeps you from loving him, he can set a fire down in your soul(yes stronger than taco bell), he can lead you where your trust is without borders, and yes he can even make you a house of prayer.




(Place your hand over your heart)

(Yes you) 

(I’ll wait) 

(Ok now repeat this prayer)

Jesus we thank you for helping us realize that you’re able to do exceedingly, and abundantly more than we could ever think or imagine. We know that most of time in worship singing these great and powerful songs becomes routine. We ask you to forgive us and soften our hearts so that we can experience the peace and power that you have for us. We speak to the strongholds the enemy has taken on us and our family and command those to leave and Jesus Christ name. Now Jesus give us the fire that we sing about so that we may be a beacon of hope for all of those who don’t know you. For your glory not ours…Amen!!


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