Give me Jesus but not the Holy Spirit


I’ve visited many churches & ministries in my vast 18 years of life and have realized something disturbing about North American Christians. We love Jesus with a burning passion but if we were asked how much do we love the Holy Spirit the answer would get stuck on the tip of our tounge. 


In training for this trip I was reminded that the Holy Spirit seeks to have true intimacy with us. The illustration was with a water bottle and a cup. The speaker filled the cup up not even half way and proceeded to move around swinging his arms back and forth with ease. The speaker than told us about how when take the cap off God fills up the cup and our (christian) walk changes. If you know anything about great sermons and stories it can be really difficult to translate them on to paper. The speaker than filled the cup(us) to the brim and proceeded to walk around and it just instantaneously made sense.


We love the stories of Jesus walking on water,healing the sick,and making the deaf hear again.

 I really don’t think followers of Christ covet the holy spirit anymore I’m done. I’m done with man led youth services, church services, Starbucks bible groups, small groups, church trips,2 week mission trips that do more harm than good, conferences that ignore the holy spirit,and everything else that refuses to acknowledge the Holy Spirit.


Jesus said WE WOULD DO GREATER WORKS THAN HIS….at least that’s what I read and I want that as bad as I want Popeyes Spicy Fried Chicken(Laugh Here) Its that serious folks I want to stay in communication with God all day every day. 

SIDE thought

[Imagine if you talked to God as much as you picked up your smart phone]  



That’s how close we should be in tune with the holy spirit…I don’t care about your denomination,whether mima or papa likes the holy spirit, find a place full of believers that not afraid to get down in dirty with God,that covets the gifts of the spirit,that weeps in Gods presence,thats faithful in their devotions.  



(Place your hand over your heart)

(Yes you) 

(I’ll wait)

Now repeat Jesus awaken the spirit inside me so I might be in constant communication with the holy spirit. Make me bold. Make me crazy. Make me a VESSEL so I may do greater works than you ever did Jesus. For your Glory and honor Amen!!


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