Keep the change gringos!!!

Legally the bus should sit around 13 but its a Tuesday there’s church, kids need to get home, and it is one my team members birthday’s, so ice cream is the “move” as we young folks say. The faded green bus fills up with women,children,and gringos. The roads are uneven so i lose count around 35 people. The seating is worn down and yes it’s hot. In the south chivalry isn’t dead or at least that’s what I was taught so giving up a seat is customary. I motion to one of the women talking mostly with my hands that she can have my seat. I’m hot, tired and creamy ice cream is the last thing my immune system needs. It’s having a fiesta getting acclimated to all these new germs I’ll be good in a month. Anderson the friend I made instantaneously just by playing soccer gives me a fist bump as he tells me I’ll see him tomorrow.



I brought my debit card(which holds a little bit of cash) and college credit card and maybe a dollar on the plane with me so money is really tight and I don’t feel like doing the whole international ATM at the moment. Somebody offers to pay but the only thing I want is my pillow. A kid in a dirty shirt asks for money for food to eat, I’ve been prepping mentally for this moment since November. He makes his way towards me and automatically I say “No Amigo” he points to the bracelets that my friend is wearing and the look on his face when he gets it was as if he had ate Chickfila for the first time. (Chuckle/laugh Here)


When Helping Hurts

Page 63

“Unfortunately, after several years, Pastor Johnson noticed that he was trying to find enough volunteers to deliver the gifts to the housing project. At the congregational meeting he asked the members why their enthusiasm was waning, but it was difficult to get a clear answer. Finally, one member spoke up: “Pastor, we are tired of trying to help these people out. We have bringing them things for several years now,but their situation never improves. They just sit there year in and year out. Have you ever noticed there are no men in the apartments when we deliver the the toys? The residents are all unwed mothers who just keep having babies in order to collect bigger and bigger welfare checks. They don’t deserve our help”.



(Place your hand over your heart)


God remind us as North American Christians that we are not you we don’t have all the answers and giving money to the poor is surely not the first step in making a lasting change. So papa help to remember to focus on the people not the projects to invest time and resources and to not hope but pray for restoration and reconciliation that only you can do. We abort every thought and stronghold hold from the enemy. Pride has no place in our hearts, families, job, school, and relationships. 

We thank your for what your doing and what you’ve already done.