Joshua: Strength out of Recovery

It’s been only a few days since Zach picked me up at 4:30 am to fly out of Denver and I realized that I had forgotten my Malaria medicine. We landed and quickly made friends with people going to Nicaragua. We were then met with a down pour as we walked to the Safehouse in down town Atlanta; where we slept the first night. The Safehouse is one of the biggest shelters in the country. I was the first person inside as we walked in out of the ran and immediately introduced myself to a man named Mike telling we were here from AIM. He was very strong and illuminated the power of Christ from is very being. He very quickly began speaking about how he was in recovery but found strength in God’s grace. He then looked at me specifically out of the three guys that were standing there and began to speak on what he saw in me. He spoke of how I would be a leader and that he saw strength in me and my passion for God. He said that “my influence would be global, not international, but GLOBAL!” and that God had great plans for me… Way to start the trip off with a kick!
P.S.  Don’t worry about the Malaria medicine it has already been shipped and arrived safely in the mail.

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