Exceding Expectations

I came into this trip expecting it to be a little like my last one. A safe trip to Gainsville, dinner, a worship session but boy was I wrong. When we all arrived our team split into two smaller groups and each group was given an envelope with a map and some money and we were told to reach a certain destination. Right after we get off the Marta (a train kinda thing) it starts pouring and we have to lug our luggage through down town Atlanta in this to reach the Safe House. I didn’t know what to think at first until our very first worship session. I don’t remember who said this but I remember one of the first things I heard was “This isn’t just another summer camp, we came to spread the word of Jesus, to see the sick healed, to see miracles down in His name, to be wrecked for the ordinary.” This was when I realized God had something new for us and He was going to push us to our limits and beyond to help us grow in His glory. He’s worked so much in just these past few days, I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do in these next months. 

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