Being Loco

1. Ever ziplined through a cloud forest? Because I
have now. It wasn´t a rainforest, but a cloud forest. The clouds
literally hung in the air around us as we zipped across 7 long ziplines,
a tarzan swing, a tight rope walk, and a 50 ft drop. It was the best
day of my life. It was beautiful, inspiring, and CRAZY!

2. Running through a torrential downpour on a volcano.
Joshua, Ruthann, and I headed out into the rain after the zipling trip
and literally sprinted the volcano- which had a mountain like terrain.
It was rocky, slippery, muddy, and wet, and yet I did not falter once.
We stuck our faces over ther steamy sulfur of an active volcano and then
went to the peaks edge. From the peak, or ¨sima¨, you could see the
whole expanse of the cities and bodies of water below. God literally
showered his love on me in that forest and volcano-top. Josh, Ruthann
and I worshiped, prayed, and danced in the tumbling rain as we
experienced God´s love and glory through his creation.

3. Being accepted by the locals. We
had a group of 90 Americans (from Minnesota) come help us this week. It
was absolutely crazy how many people were around. But with all these
people brought tons more boys… more than I have seen in months. And
the spanish boys of the barrios fully took advantage of the new boys to
strike up a soccer game. The Nicaraguans challenged the gringos and it
was about 15 on 15… America vs. Nicaragua. When I went outside to
join, the Americans welcomed me to their team and their was an immediate
uproar, seriously. The Nicaraguan boys started yelling that Ï was one
of them¨and that Ï was on their team because I was a Nicaraguan.¨It was
awesome to see that they had really accepted me into their life. That
they look at me as one of their own and one of the friends. I feel as
attached to them as they seem to be to me.

4. Plans to go to a third world waterpark tomorrow.
It´s called Hertylandia and it´s a really sketch waterpark that we have
lived by this whole trip. It is possibly dangerous, possibly
contaminated (SORRY MOM!:)) but when in Nicaragua… be a little crazy.
We are taking a handful of the kids from the barrios that we have gotten
to know very well to the waterpark. It should be crazy. It should be
fun. And it may be a little bit stupid. ,)

5. A list of 4 is stupid so here is number 5. Shout out to you Hannah for being a genius. 🙂

Prayer request:
We leave for debrief in a beach house on monday, but our saturday is
looking amazing. We are hosting a banquet, just like Jesus did. We are
inviting the sick, the hungry, the poor, the lame, and every other
person who can never pay us back or do anything for us. We are so
excited by the opportunity to do this. Please pray for our safety and
its effectiveness!

Time to rock it out during my last week in this amazing place.

With love,


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