A Whole New Experience

Excited. Soaked. Cramped. Invigorated. Sweaty. Community. Ignited.

Those are just a few words that describe the past 3 days at training camp. It really has been such a blessing to spend this time together as a team before going to a new country. To see how God has hand picked all 22 of us to fill out His plans for the people of Nicaragua. We have only scratched the surface of each other but I already know that we are starting to become a family. A support system and brothers & sisters in Christ all thriving for one purpose — to show and teach people what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We will become so much closer as we spend these next months together. We have already become a team during training camp. We have had things thrown at us like walking/running through a flood with all of our bags, being pushed out into downtown Atlanta to seek out people that need our prayers and need to know the love of God. Like sleeping on top of each other in a cabin that doesn’t have electricity, like building a human pyramid and then figuring out how to improve on it & not give up on our task. To taking a blank, black canvas to create the vision of our team, the vision of what this time in Nicaragua will be. 
This is our representation of what we feel like God is going to do through us this summer. The fire represents how God is an all consuming fire and we are His vessels to bring hope, compassion, and God’s burning love to Nicaragua.
(There is a lot more to it, but that is the gist!) 
The verse is in spanish but it is from Hebrew 12:29 “…For our “God is a consuming fire.”
We will be a great team, but we will be an even greater family.
With Love
– Ashley

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