An Unexpected Visitor

Dirty fur. Green paint on a wet nose. Eyes locked on mine, and head cocked to one side. No, not me. But a black lab who has begun to call AIM home. Just like kids who wait for Mom and Dad to turn away, we slip food under the table to his waiting mouth. His wagging tail repeatedly hits our legs, in an effort to thank us, as he trots to the next table. I can only imagine the things our unexpected visitor overhears. From one table to the next, talk of loving orphans in Uganda, bringing hope to commercial sex workers in India, or moving hearts in Bolivia. He’s probably heard talk of God speaking to us personally and the surrender of unbelief. He is hearing affirmations and singing, laughter and prayer. He’s listening to echoes of the hope of nations from the hearts of a bunch of college kids ready to see and to be God’s kingdom on earth.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…” – Matthew 6:33

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