Making A House A Home

Dear Family and Friends,


As we near our last month here at CICRIN and have recently moved into the newly finished missionary house, we have prayerfully come to the decision of raising money to furnish the house.


We are extremely happy to be living in this new house; however, our living conditions are less than ideal. As fun as it is for all thirteen of us to sleep on the floors, have constant slumber parties with each other, the bugs and dirt; we would like to give future teams who stay here a safe and comfortable home away from home. In doing so we want to raise money for necessities such as box springs, mattresses, bed frames, fans and mirrors.


For many missionaries, nights are spent processing through the days work, sharing how God will has been done, and unwinding while building deeper relationships with teammates. Currently our team has been doing this while sitting on the floors night after night, so we would also like to be able to provide an area where all of this can be accomplished comfortably with the use of couches, chairs, and a coffee table.


In order to accomplish this we need to raise $6,000.00. If each one of our thirteen team-members can raise $461.00 a piece then we will easily reach our goal. If you feel led to donate or have any questions feel free to leave a comment or privately contact one of the passport members currently serving on this trip. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers and donations.


– Team Tortuga, Passport Nicaragua 2015







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