Beans & Whistles (Gone With The Wind)

Beans and Whistles (Gone With The Wind)

It’s a Tuesday and we have a team from Gordon College in Boston, Adios Ministries from Maine, and yours truly Passport Nicaragua. I’m back in my natural habitat the kitchen after getting a crash course in third world construction its safe to say the kitchen is my happy place. Jimmy (19) has been here since he was 4 months old and probably one of the most multifaceted individual’s I’ve ever met. Today I and Jimmy are going to filter Pinto beans. In Nicaragua with the average person living on less than two dollars a day rice and beans are served at every meal. In the bag the beans are covered in grass and sticks using a big bowl filled with the unfiltered beans I place the semi-heavy bowl over my head and jimmy tells me to call the wind…..(The look I gave him was priceless)


Jimmy told me about Julian pronounced (Hoo-Le-Ahn) the Nicaraguan wind God and how people whistle to summon Julian. My point here is that every time he summoned Julian I asked Jesus to send the wind and the wind came. Many of us carry our burdens daily and run to drugs, unhealthy food, gossip, sexual sin, false gods…the list goes on. What are you carrying today? Jesus died for you so that you could have life and life more abundantly. Will you trust him?


(Hand Over Heart)

(Lets Pray)

God we thank you that you sent your son to suffer and that in your word you say that we can cast our burdens on you. So help us let go father…help us let go father of everything that keep us from being more like your son Jesus. We pray this in your holy and precious name amen!

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