A New Family

Relationships are funny. Some you work so hard at for years to try and make work, some you know won’t work out at all, and some come so easily you think you’ve know the person for ever. But really it’s only been about three days and three hours. 

We all got out of the plane to meet the people we’ve been Facebook friends with for months, wondering how they were going to be in real life. Let me tell you, it was better than I imagined. I was greeted with hugs from complete strangers and within minutes people were laughing, telling groups, and making plans. It hadn’t sunk in (and still hasn’t really) that we were going to be living with each other in a completely different country for two months. Not a week or two, but two months. 
Even after the very first day, I felt that I’ve known these people for so long. We’ve already developed inside jokes, shared food and drinks, looked out for each other, built elaborate chair structures (which I may or may knocked down on accident. Use your proper judgement.) and in turn laughed so hard our stomaches hurt. These are the things that have happened in such a short amount of time, and I can’t wait to see where these relationships are going to go this summer. Team Nicaragua is loud and proud and obnoxious, with singing and dancing and laughing and sombreros. My kind of people.

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