A 3 weeks dose of Holy Spirit

Over the past couple of weeks God has done so much in my soul. I departed from my house in Memphis on January 2 to spend the next 4 days worshipping God at a conference called Passion. I spent the next 96 hours full of the Holy Spirit. I was high on the spirit and loved every moment of it. The theme of Passion 2012 was freedom and while I was there God brought me so much freedom. He taught me more about walking in freedom and spoke identity into me. He told me who I was in Him and who He created me to be. It is amazing to be the son of a king! He is absolutely amazing if you don’t know that already.

After the Passion conference I went to Gainesville, GA to serve over 100 people while they tried to find out where God is leading them. This conference is called Project Search Light. I wasn’t a participant but I was able to be a servant. I was able to take the trash out, help the cook, set up the tables and chairs, take people to and from the airport, etc. While I was there God continued speaking to me and filling me up with His spirit. I also believe that He used me to speak life into people. God was using me to speak to other people. The words I were speaking were not my own but were from the Lord.

After 6 days of serving, I started leadership training for The Passport. We as leaders learned all about what is expected of us and how to fulfill those duties.

Two days later I went to the airport to meet my team. All of the leaders met our teams and then went on an adventure in Atlanta to do some team building. After our adventure in Atlanta, we headed to training camp and spent the next 4 days experiencing the presence of the Lord.

After four days of training camp we boarded a plane headed for Nicaragua. When we arrived in Nicaragua, we jumped into the back of a cattle truck and headed three hours north to a place we now call home for the next four months.

The first day in Nicaragua, we built relationships with some of the locals. The next two days we built a roof for one of our cooks. And today we went to the beach!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks filled with the Holy Spirit. Yesterday our amazing team came up with a team name that the Lord gave to us. We call ourselves pies hermosos which means beautiful feet in Spanish. The verse we took this from is Isaiah 52: 7 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!"”

The amazing thing is when I was back in Memphis praying for a prophetic team name, God gave me the word beautiful feet. Without mentioning that to my team I asked them to pray for a team name and God gave them all the same word! He is so good.

Thank you for all of your support. Please pray for me and my teammates as we bring the gospel to Nicaragua. We are really in a healthy place right now so please continue to pray for unity, peace, God’s presence, and whatever else the Lord puts on your heart!


Ryan Hurd

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