The Life of a Cereal Killer

      Today, I taught eight children the dance to a Katy Perry song; life is wonderful.  This past week has been one of the best of my life.  During the four days of training camp, God truly broke down the barriers of my heart and allowed me to purify my motives for coming on this trip.  With incredible worship, life-changing teaching sessions, and irreplaceable team activities, God completely re-defined my life. 
       Our two traveling days on Tuesday and Wednesday were smoother than molasses excluding the time our bus drivers accidentally went on top of the median and we were temporarily stuck.  Good thing God is faithful!
       Here in Ometepe, Nicaragua we are partnering with a local church called Camino De Santidad.   We have been going door to door ministering to the people, playing soccer and basketball in the local park, and going to a local home for boys.  This morning was one of the best ministry times for me personally.  I went to the boys home with three other team members and just chilled all morning with the boys.  We played with the Frisbee I brought, a completely new experience for them, climbed trees, played baseball, showed off dance moves, explaining my original statement about the Katy Perry song, and talked about each others lives.  Even with the occasional language barrier, we connected in a way that only God, in his loving care, could provide.
A few Bold Prayers,

  1. God would give me patience, focus, drive, and determination as I continue growing in my fluency of Spanish.
  2. My team of sixteen would continue to stay unified, making our ministry that much more effective.
  3. My personal devotion to God would continue to increase as I daily seek his direction for my life.
  4. God would use the seeds planted by my team to change lives forever.
  5. God would continue to keep me at a peak level of fitness, allowing me to ferociously and fearlessly protect the thirteen female members of my team and also permitting me to score lots of goals in soccer.
  6. That the active volcano rising 1,676 feet high above us at only one mile away would not erupt.

Praise God!!

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