Wonderful Love

Have you ever thought about how wonderful God´s love is? He died so He would be more than enough, but do we really know what that means? He´s more than enough for our pains, for our worries, our hungers, everything. And He´s shown us that over and over again here. As I think back on how everyone on our team was in the beggining to how they are now. There has been such a drastic growth. Chains have been broken and faith has been increased. People are stepping into the roles God has called them into, and He´s still not finished with them. But not only is He working on us He´s working on the locals. The men at the rehab center really caught my heart and to see what Gods done there makes my heart sing for His glory. When we first started going they would hardly talk to us. They didn´t smile much and it seemed more like we were trying to entertain them then anything. But as we kept going they became more welcome to us. Washing their feet Tuesday was a big break through. As we did this there were tears coming from both sides. Especially when they returned the favor. I couldn´t believe it. They went from  hardly talking to us to smiling and washing our feet. It was something amazing! Yesterday was our last day with them, it was a hard goodbye but a good one.
Lately I cant get over how good God is! He made the sky the star and everything around us. Yet He knows the number of hairs on our head. He encounters us in a room and He talks to us. And its even cooler He does the same thing around the world. Hes just so big and wonderful!

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