Be ALL There

“Where ever you are, be all there”
A quote with only a few words, but words that have so much meaning behind them. Something I want to start doing is truly embracing every moment, and where ever I am truly being all there. So many times I find myself saying, I don’t know what God wants with my life, I don’t know what He is calling me to. But the truth is we don’t always have to have a deep revelation of what is to come. God wants to use us right where we’re at; we just have to have a willing heart. God gives us passions and talents for a reason, they didn’t come from nowhere; they came from Him! He gives us things we love in order for us to give them right back to Him by using them to bring Him Glory and make His name known.

So many times I wander why I’m so worried and fearful about the future, then I realized that it’s because I’m allowing the devil to speak fear into me and that I’m not trusting the Holy Spirit and His guidance. The Holy Spirit only has attributes of joy, and peace, and patience; so why can’t I be like that? It’s because I do not wholeheartedly trust the Holy Spirit to be the author of my life. God gave us the Holy Spirit as a counselor to guide us in life. We need to just be still, listen, and trust that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives with our best interest in mind. Right now while I am in Nicaragua, I want to be FULLY here, I don’t want to worry about what is ahead or be too focused on what is to come! I know I am here now for such a specific purpose and plan, and if I worry too much, then I am missing out on opportunities to serve and love others. I believe if we are too worried about the future God can’t use us to our full potential where we are presently, because our hearts are not right.

So here’s the challenge I am setting for myself, and for you if you would like to join: wherever you are, no matter where it is, allow God to work through you and in you right there! You are there for a reason, and He has a plan for it. If God has given you certain talents, or passions, use those for Him! That’s what He wants from us, to be doing things we love all for Him because we love Him. Ever since I read crazy love I can see the difference in the way I love and serve others, because I changed my mind set. I’m doing it because I am in love with Jesus, not because it’s a chore or task, but because I genuinely love Jesus and want to love Him and His people! Let that sink in and resonate, because it’s so good. We should do everything, every little thing for Him and Him alone, because of everything He did for us! So embrace every day and ask Him how He can love through you wherever you are at in your life!

P.s. Sorry it has been so long since I've posted! 🙂

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